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Snow White and the Huntsman

I’ve just finished up on A3 and I will be continuing onto Snow White and the Huntsman. It’s a dark twist on the classic Snow White story. It stars Chris Hemsworth (as the huntsman), Kristen Stewart (Snow White) and Charlize Theron (the Queen). I believe its suppose to be released in June 2012. I can’t share much more info about it right now but I’m really excited to get started and I think it’s going to be a really fun show to work on. What I really like about this feature is that it’s going to push me as an animator. There’s going to be things that i’ve never animated before and I’m going to have to look at shots in different ways then I would have on shows like Alvin. I’m hoping I can share more with you guys in the future!

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked

I recently just finished up animation on A3 and I’m excited to share one of the trailers with you guys. Alvin will be in theaters in December. I also had the chance to work on some promotional stuff for A3 as well and it should be released very soon and as soon as it does i’ll be sharing that with you guys as well. A3 was directed by mike Mitchell (also known for shrek forever after).

Mr.Popper’s Penguins

Current project at R&H that I’m working on. Can’t wait to be able to show you guys the shots from Hop and this movie.

Hop Tralier

Its finally out and I’m really excited about it. Everyone has been doing an awesome job and i cant wait for it to come out in April!


Hop Teaser

Hop recently released the teaser trailer!

Go watch it. It’s cute 🙂


Hop! Here is the first poster for the movie that I’m working on over at Rhythm and Hues. I’m really excited to share this with you guys. The movie is going to be super cute.

From the creators of Despicable Me comes Hop, the comic tale of Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) and must take him in as he recovers. In theaters April 1, 2011!”!/hop

Rhythm and Hues!!!

I am super excited to be joining the Rhythm and Hues team for the Summer Animation Apprenticeship . I got the call this afternoon and I’m still blow away by the news. This is an incredibly awesome opportunity and not only that but there are at least 8 other AMer’s who got the apprenticeship as well. It’s going to rock! Can’t wait to get there and start learning and meeting everyone!

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