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My name is Amanda Wagner and I am absolutely passionate about animation. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved being creative .Whether bringing something to life in the computer or making a Christmas ornament out of paper mache, the possibilities are endless when you put enthusiasm, heart and dedication into it.

I aspire to learn and grow as an animator. One of the greatest things that I love about this profession is that not only are you an animator but your a storyteller, a director, a skydiver, a chef, a dinosaur, your everything. Your always learning and studying and constantly striving to do better. And not only are you learning from your own challenges but your learning from others. I believe that being part of a team is what make animation so great. Everyone has unique eyes and amazing feedback that helps to fuel a shot to make it its best. I’m all about supporting the people around me and getting them excited and confident to work on their shots. At the Art Institute of Phoenix I became a tutor to help spread what I’ve learned and share it with anyone who wanted it. At Animation Mentor, I was a peer buddy,giving feedback and support to students in the program. One of the most rewarding feelings is when your able to help someone.


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