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2016 Demo Reel

Amanda Wagner’s 2016 Demo Reel from amanda wagner on Vimeo.


This second one I had a lot of fun doing. (Right now it’s just a work in progress and I hope to learn a little bit about lighting and rendering to put a proper video up). The idea came from a bouncing ball going across screen. I thought it would be great to build off of the first exercise that I did. So I took pinky (animationmentor rig) and had him bounce happily across screen when out of nowhere Rock (animationmentor rig) shows up and bounces him the rest of the way.

I knew when I was planning that I wanted to have interaction in this one and I decided to go a little big with it, where they weren’t touching and then they were. and I also wanted to tell a little story. It’s nothing big but it shows a relationship between these two characters and one that I hope to build as I go along.

I recently finished up at BlueSky Studios on Rio 2 and had an absolutely amazing time. This is the second time that I’ve gone to BlueSky and every time I go I learn more and more, so I thought why stop there. I wanted to keep growing and learning so I thought it would be fun to do animation exercise, so that I can explore options and ideas and really play around with rigs. One big thing that I learned from them is to keep pushing your animation, not only in the poses themselves but in the ideas as well.

The idea for this first exercise came from the simple bouncing ball. I wanted to take that idea and add a character on top of it and something fun to do on top of that. I kept it simple with a series of different bounces that loop, where he goes from happy to irritated.  It was a fun look into different ways to move the limbs.

Here is a great resource for animation exercises:

A bunch of the animations I plan on doing in the future have come from this list. It’s a great way to get started and build up your animation skills.

Recently I was fortunate to work on a commercial at Rhythm and Hues for Cape Cod Potato Chips. My Animation supervisor, John Goodman, and I were the only two animators on the commercial with about 2 weeks to complete it. I worked on three of the six animated shots (3,4 and 6). We were instructed to make it a blend of realistic seagull motions but with a little bit of character. I ho[pe you all enjoy it!

Here is a McDonald’s commercial that I got the chance to work on for Alvin 3. I did the first 2 shots. The other ones were done by the talented Mike Loeck and Josh Slice.

Popper’s Reel

Some of the shots that I worked on for the movie “Mr.Popper’s Penguins”. Responsible for all animation unless otherwise specified. I hope you guys like it!

Snow White Trailer

A trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was just released!,,20544520,00.html

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